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Essential online advertising trends | 2021

What 2021 online advertising trends will we be considering?

  1. Creative optimisation
  2. In-game advertising
  3. Contextual targeting (again)
  4. Ever greater personalisation
  5. One-platform advertising
  6. Agile is a key online advertising trend

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    1. Creative Optimization

    In 2021, advertising will require a focus on efficiency and effectiveness. This is where creative optimization comes into play and the concept of automatic optimization of ads. No one wants to spend hours fiddling with preferences on an advertising campaign. Especially, when there are platforms that can do all the hard work for you!

    Tri Media Ads are something to consider embracing in 2021, as it allows you to streamline campaigns and management while conducting a/b testing to determine which adverts are working the hardest for you.

    These optimized ads also do the legwork in terms of location. Enabling you to work out where your customers are to offer more targeted advertising. Plus, even reach wider audiences than you’d perhaps considered.

    By providing a one-stop location where you can enjoy a complete overview of your campaigns – from social to display. It also offers an auto-optimize tool that constantly tests your ads and then promotes your best-performing ones. Resulting in a potential uplift of 50% to 150%, which could significantly improve ROI.

    You can test a number of variants to determine which appeals most to your consumer base, providing you with direction and data that can be used in future campaigns. Plus, because it’s fully automated it means less work for you and your team.


    Online advertising trends next steps

    The year ahead requires us to adapt as marketers, putting consumers first and ensuring that we as brands offer them the experiences they want and need. With a focus on personalisation and contextualisation, we should be able to build strong relationships and reputations with those we want as our customers.

    Look into how you can incorporate these online advertising trends into your 2021 campaign, and speak to Tri Media about how we can help you reach your goals by booking a demo today.

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