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Web Design
We build sites that are optimized for performance. With Tri Media as your marketing partner, you’ll be able to watch your site get more traffic, generate leads & increase sales.

Kick-Off & Discovery

At the start of every project, we will try to understand your environment. This includes your unique business objectives and your marketplace. Only then will we be able to deliver a custom web design solution that caters to your and your target market’s needs.
Establish your business goals
Assess your customer needs
Study the competition

Digital Strategy

As your website will be the central hub for all of your future digital marketing initiatives, Tri Media will ensure that every design decision that is made is has a purpose and that purpose is to creating a selling tool that will get your the best return on your investment.
Clear understanding of your services
Keyword research to determine high volume search terms
Using keyword research to map our site architecture

Launch Optimization

Prior to launching the site, Tri Media will ensure that your old website’s URLs are properly redirected to the new site and make one last run through of our website checklists. Once all of our test have came back complete, your website is ready for the official launch!
Proper 301 Redirects
Upload new website’s sitemaps
Back-up old site and update your DNS records

Tri Media is a results-driven advertising & marketing agency with expertise across a variety of digital marketing areas. From web design to SEO & PPC to content marketing and social media, we help our clients build brands, generate leads and increase revenue & ROI.

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Information Architecture

How your website is organized plays a integral role in the overall success of your website. A well organized website creates a seamless user experience which not only improves conversion rate but help improve organic rankings.

  • Wireframe of all site content
  • Mapping out key content for each page
  • Key header and sub headers for each page

At Tri Media with the help of TechMonkeys Corp. , web development is a holistic process. Our websites don’t only look great, they also are market ready, primed to bring you a positive ROI.
Tri Media & TechMonkeys Corp. will work diligently to ensure a successful ad campaign!

Keep your business advertised & enjoy a higher market share.

Better Search Visibility
with SEO
By optimizing your site to be more visible to people searching for you, we’ll help you attract the right kind of customers and increase revenue.

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specific service?

Tri Media is a client-focused, results-driven marketing agency with expertise across a variety of digital marketing areas. From web design to SEO & PPC to content marketing and social media, we help our clients build brands, generate leads and increase revenue & ROI.

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At Tri Media, nothing is more important to us than ensuring your business success and overall happiness through our award-winning, industry-leading, client-focused methods.

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We offer a wide variety of additional services, from live chat and review management to CRM and photo/video. Let Tri Media be your marketing partner that drives long-term ROI.

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